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Erin, I know you feel insecure about yourself a lot.  He does hurt you a lot and forces you doubt the good in your heart.  All I can say is that he’s going to reap what he’s sown.  All of the things he’s said to you and done to you to hold you down is because he’s too afraid to grow up and he wants to keep himself irreplaceable.  That’s not fair…Erin, you’re too good for him.  He doesn’t deserve your sadness and tears, and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve your happiness. 

If you ever feel less than perfect, you’re perfect to me.  You’re beautiful.  Your heart is beautiful, your smile is genuine, and your laugh is contagious.  People like you are too good for most guys if anything.  I love you.  

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    This is what the world needs, people like you who make life worth living for. It’s people like you who fill the world...
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    i love my friends, they mean the world to me. i love you so much ando, i don’t even know what the hell i’d do with out...
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